While developing countries seek access to affordable healthcare, the problem of an ageing population confronts the developed countries.


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Modern hospitals of today are highly specialised both in terms of target patients as well as the type of medical care they render. These include dedicated hospitals for women and children, general teaching hospitals and facilities for specific areas such as dental care, cancer treatments, or infectious diseases. Medical technology is continuously being upgraded and the resultant imposition requires the hospitals to be able to accommodate these changes.

The building services and design technology for hospitals are complex and cutting edge, with differing requirements for different areas – from wards to intensive care units, clinical decision units and operating theatres.

Meinhardt has designed numerous major new hospitals and upgrades of existing medical units including operating theatres, leading edge BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories, animal research facilities, vivariums and other specialised medical areas.

Our specialist design expertise includes all types of medical imaging departments, operating theatres, mortuaries, burns units and infection control. We are also heavily involved in the design and delivery of many aged care facilities.