Unique ability to manage every facet of a major project as a ‘one stop’ option for clients.

Meinhardt Water & Environment is focusing on water supply, wastewater, urban drainage, solid waste management and environmental impact studies for large cities and townships. We draw on our global resources and expertise to provide our clients with robust, dependable and quality service for the most demanding of projects.

We have undertaken works for:

  • 650,000 m3 of new service reservoir storage
  • 1 million m3 of wastewater treatment capacity
  • 1,000km of surface and storm water drainage
  • 900,000 m3 per day of new water treatment facilities
  • 2,000km of water distribution networks
  • 3,400km of sewers and 40km of deep tunnel sewers
  • 75km of aqueducts and transmission pipelines

No matter how complex the project, infrastructure and environment work together hand-in-hand. Thinking in a sustainable way is the only way. Together, we face challenges and change like never before. Population growth, ageing infrastructure and climate change mean that we must build sustainability into every part of the development process.

At Meinhardt, we understand it is no longer adequate to design and implement projects as we have in the past. In light of this thinking, we have developed the experience and expertise to provide the technically feasible, cost effective and environmentally viable solutions needed in these constantly changing and demanding conditions.