Our approach of constantly pushing boundaries to deliver innovative solutions, along with decades of experience, has enabled us to engineer tall, slender and complex building landmarks across the globe.


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metre tall tower in Riyadh

Looking ahead, we continue to shape some of the most ambitious buildings of the future. Tall buildings require special technical expertise, such as mitigating the aerodynamic effects of wind, and controlling accelerations and drifts to ensure the stability of slender and complex geometrical forms. We also utilize performance based seismic design and the creative use of steel-concrete composite construction and high strength materials. Our approach allows us to adopt a holistic approach for energy consumption and MEP design, making use of integrated solutions in vertical transportation systems. Furthermore, we devise sustainable and transparent energy efficient façade systems and develop designs to facilitate rapid construction.

Our diverse range of in-house tall building specialists is spread across varied fields of engineering. These encompass geotechnical, structural, mechanical and electrical, wind, seismic, façade, lift safety and fire, vertical transportation and sustainability. Our services are integrated across disciplines to deliver tall buildings that are safe, constructible, cost effective and sustainable, respecting the architects’ vision and adapted to the needs of developers and end users.