We pursue sustainability in a fundamental way by looking at how our designs and solutions will impact the environment. Through the use of modern technology, we have helped our clients address the global energy challenge by reducing the negative environmental impact during the entire design and construction process. In every project that our client entrusts us to, we embed a design philosophy that is socially responsible, and advise on strategies that bring on long-term sustainable benefits and a safer environment.

Our environmental practice in particular, provides technical leadership in the field of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). Comprising of PhD qualified scientists and green specialists with engineering backgrounds, our environmental experts promote best practices that are shared across the Group.

This wealth of knowledge and a Group-wide coordinated strategy to integrate sustainable outcomes at the very early stage of a project has enabled the firm to enhance its proposition and earn a reputation for its sustainability thought leadership.

Whether it is sustainable master planning, green building designs, green retrofitting, energy efficiency technologies, sustainable water strategies, Green star assessment or LEED certification, Meinhardt is able to provide a range of ESD consultancy and audit services, customized to our clients’ needs.