As we deliver solutions for the world today, our sights are focused on possibilities for tomorrow.


In the fast evolving world of today, business security remains to be of utmost importance. Determined to give our customers that extra peace of mind, Meinhardt endeavours to develop design solutions that fully integrate architecture, functionality and engineering systems to meet changing business safety needs. The result is a quality product offering that fully encompasses a business’ concept, strategy and implementation stages. Coupled with our diverse expertise and global reach, we are confident of finding solutions that are tailored to suit varying project needs, as well as geographical and geopolitical risk profiles.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprint remains at the core of Meinhardt’s future direction. Apart from closely monitoring carbon emissions and taking necessary steps to minimise carbon emissions, we also actively value-add to engineering projects that we undertake through conducting full life cycle assessments from embodied energy content – construction, operation, maintenance and end of life disposal.

Concurrently, we adopt a proactive approach towards actualising various commercially and operationally sustainable design solutions that minimise our carbon footprint, protecting the environments in which we work, live and play.


Integrating smart technology and information technology into our engineering system designs, Meinhardt strives to create synergies between energy efficiency, comfort, safety and security. To achieve this, we provide design solutions that not only improve a building’s performance and sustainability, but also harness possibilities brought about by technology. This is done through integrating multiple IT backbones to manage building control, building management, energy metering, audiovisual and security systems. In summary, our building projects are designed to be future-ready, with optimised real estate investment is optimised.

Keeping abreast of technology, Meinhardt pioneers the use of artificial intelligence in air conditioning, power and lighting control systems – optimising resources by ensuring that energy is expended proportionately to the occupancy and activity levels of the building. Ultimately, energy savings of over 30% are achieved as compared to conventional solutions – in line with our goal of creating greener communities.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are becoming a way of the future, founded on key pillars bringing together human and social capital, mobility and communication infrastructure into a symbiotic relationship on a common platform to fuel a sustainable economic development and high quality of living. Central to this development is the use of technology in the planning and engineering of urban landscapes, to give rise to smart cities. At the forefront of planning and understanding such smart cities, Meinhardt provides advice and solutions pertaining to the development and implementation of governance structures, as well as the incorporation of technology based solutions in the planning and designing of smart cities. Armed with extensive industry experience of the markets that we operate in, we are able to apply our knowledge across geographical boundaries, addressing differing aspirations of our clients and communities, future-proofing their specific requirements for a smart city.


Societies depend on continuous access to energy in order to function and thrive. Interruptions in energy flow can result in unwanted consequences, causing disruptions for producers and consumers alike. With the firm belief that this presents an area of potential and sustained growth, in particular – demand reduction and renewable energy production, Meinhardt has begun investing in this vital sector of energy production and distribution. This undertaking is congruent with our activities in other sectors, including industrial engineering, infrastructure and the implementation of smart cities.