Mixed-use developments represent one of the fastest growing market sectors with new trends regularly emerging.

These developments adapt to the needs of those they are designed to serve, whether individual residents, businesses or retail tenants. Developing different combinations of hotel, office, retail and residential space in one project poses multifaceted planning and engineering challenges, and as a result specialist expertise with multiple domain knowledge to deliver the right integrated product is required.

As a fully integrated engineering firm, Meinhardt’s large and diverse pool of in-house experts for each building type are ideally suited to deliver the varied and often contrasting demands of such projects to accommodate multiple facility uses. We take into consideration varied parking needs, structural transitions and transfers, coordination of MEP systems, fire separation, sound attenuation, ventilation, egress and phased completions.

As one of the leading engineering firms in the sector, our success lies in the effective coordination of skills and ability to integrate varied functional and physical components of a mixed-use development into a seamless whole.