Marina Bay Suites

Location: Singapore

Client: Marina Bay Suites Pte Ltd

Architect: Architects 61 Pte Ltd

Design of one of the tallest residential tower with 245m height that is also among the most slender buildings in Singapore

Devised an innovative deep perimeter belt beams system at refuge floors and innovative use of coupling beams at all floors to enhance building dynamic performance.

Worked with the Architects to revise the massing, using a taller Tower but with shorter base, to eliminate the need for a deep transfer structure across the CST and box drain, saving substantial cost and time and mitigated any construction risk. Devised innovative Caissontype sinking box method of strut-free and safe excavation for 9.2m deep lift pits. Use of modular and repetitive structural system reduced typical floor cycle time to only 6 days while achieving an exceptional structural CONQUAS score of 99.7.