Ocean Heights

Location: Dubai

Country: U.A.E

Client: Damac Properties Co. LLC

Architect: Aedas HK

Services Provided: C&S and Facade Engineering

The project comprises a 82-storey highrise residential tower with 3 level basement car parking facility. The total gross floor area is approximately 1.3 million sqft. Expected Completion Date by end of 2010.

Multiple levels of ground shaking can be evaluated, with a different level of performance specied for each level of ground shaking.

Target building performance levels range from Continued Operation, in which the building and nonstructural components are expected to sustain almost no damage in response to the design earthquake, to Collapse Prevention, in which the structure should remain standing, but is extensively damaged.

pecic ductility factors can be specied for each component of the seismic force-resisting system. The ductility factor varies and depends on the target building performance level, material type, and the relative ductility
of the component.

In short, the PBD philosophy allows the selection of innovative framing systems and materials and through non-linear assessment of building response for specic performance objectives under various levels of ground shaking, leading to more reliable and cost-effective structural solutions.